Primary Office Furniture Services recycle as much of your unwanted and non-resalable furniture as is possible.
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In the U.S. alone, over 17 billion pounds of office furniture and equipment are sent to the landfill every year. Our mission is to divert a large portion of those assets from the landfill by recycling responsibility and repurposing the waste. Through our innovative software, you can lead the way in sustainability and save $1000’s every year on waste.

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Waste within organizations has increased drastically causing our landfills to max out in capacity. Businesses on average have a variety of furniture and equipment that they do not use yearly which end up in landfills. These assets could have a potential use at a different department or site within the company if employees were aware of them. Not only will the re-use of assets provide a sustainable solution but also save the company $1000’s every year on the purchase of equipment and furniture.


The AMP software allows employees to submit assets that they no longer have use for and can be accessed on the web through a protected login. Assets can be submitted through filling out a quick online questionnaire or simply taking a picture of the asset with the required information to be translated automatically into the catalog. Assets along with their information are populated into an internal catalog for employee viewing. Monthly cost saving and landfill diversion reports are generated for user traceability.


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